Fairstone Group launches ambitious plans at event featuring Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Boldon based Fairstone, the UK’s largest Chartered Financial Planning Firm, hosted its annual business partners conference at The Sage, Gateshead last month.

The oversubscribed event saw keynote speaker and Fairstone client, Sir Ranulph Fiennes share tales of his adventures on land, sea and ice in which he emphasised the importance of teamwork, planning and the need to remain agile in the face of unexpected challenges; themes that can be applied to any business. 

The aim of the day was to share the success Fairstone has seen over the last 12 months and to launch the group’s ambitious plans for the future. Key highlights from the last year include that we are now overseeing £6 billion of client pension and investment assets, a 51% increase in recurring income, a total of £1 billion in mortgage lending over the year and the initial £25 million investment from private equity firm, Synova Capital. This is alongside a record year for the firm’s City office and a secured 5 star Defaqto rating for 2017. 

Lee Hartley, Fairstone’s CEO, commented: “Fairstone is currently the largest chartered financial planning firm in the UK and remains the only truly national, independent & Chartered firm in the country. In the eight years since we launched, we have grown to become the UK’s 4th largest acquisitive advisory and wealth management business which is, by anyone's assessment, fantastic progress. The development of our business is, by and large thanks, to the work and support of the people in the room last Thursday.

“We have huge aspirations for our future as a business and we firmly believe that our combined areas of expertise create a powerful proposition. We also have a business model that has been constantly refined and which we fully believe in, which leaves us in a fantastic position to start our next financial year.” 

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