Fairstone team celebrate London opening

Fairstone Group, one of the UK’s fastest growing Chartered Financial Planning firms has celebrated the opening of its London office followed a recent refurbishment.

The launch event which took place on Thursday 15 June was attended by over 100 guests, including financial advisers, product providers and journalists.

Fairstone CEO, Lee Hartley said: “We are delighted to reintroduce ourselves to the London market and some of our key stakeholders. We have been so busy building the Fairstone business since we first laid roots in the City five years ago that we haven’t spent enough time communicating with our wider supporters.

Over the last five years we have managed to attract and retain some fantastic people and during that time we have grown from £5m to £7m in revenues and we continue to grow.

We firmly believe that we have an exceptional proposition for all advisers, from individuals to large firms. Our stand out offering allows IFAs to sell without selling out and we look forward to bringing you news of our further acquisitions.

Divisional Director, Mike Slater has recently taken the helm and will be leading the office going forward and building on what it undeniably a great foundation with fantastic potential.”

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