Sep 04 2019

Welcome to the launch edition of Intelligent Wealth; Fairstone’s free financial planning magazine. As you can see, we have revamped Clearmoney to give it a fresher look and feel, with more expert commentary and consumer information about the financial sector. 

At the time of writing, Brexit continues to dominate the headlines and even though we don’t definitively know what the impact of this will be on both the UK and other countries’ economies, it doesn’t mean this is a necessarily a bad time to invest internationally. 

In many respects Fairstone, and other robust businesses that share the same attributes, are somewhat isolated from the Brexit impact. Our client base is entirely comprised of UK nationals, our regulatory status is solely for UK operations, we do not rely on foreign workers and we have minimal foreign exchange exposure. The principal impact from Brexit, on both our clients and the wider Fairstone business, will be a result of any periodic volatility that we may see in markets. 

Currently, our thinking is directed more outwards as to how we can best support our clients across any cycle of market fluctuation. We see the level of client-adviser interaction being extremely high in the coming months, as during any period of uncertainty, trusted expert advice is at its most important.

Saving for retirement is one of our greatest financial priorities, especially as life expectancy is growing and retirements are likely to last longer. In this issue of Intelligent Wealth, we take a look at pensions, from how to save adequately for your future to how to keep on top of different pension pots over a working lifetime. 

Also, inside this issue, we look at how to spot the warning signs if you’re approached by a pensions scammer.

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