Jan 01 2017
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Welcome to our first issue of 2017. Did you make any resolutions concerning your personal finances last January? If so, how did you do? If it didn’t all go according to plan, now is the perfect time to start again and reassess your position to consider ways to improve your financial well-being for today and your future.

Last year was the year of seismic election results both in the UK and US which will determine the national and international political and financial landscape for decades to come. After a long and brutal US presidential election campaign, Donald Trump emerged victorious as the surprise victor. His inauguration is scheduled for Friday 20 January when he’ll become the 45th President of the United States.

We consider who are likely to be the winners and losers. The 2016/17 Year End for tax planning purposes is now only a matter of months away with the deadline approaching on 5 April. Effective tax planning is about knowing the personal and business taxes you are liable to pay and acting to legally minimise them. It is also about maximising your net income and creating opportunities to invest and save tax-efficiently for the current and future needs of your business, your family and yourself.

After a game-changing 2016, the investment environment was not only mixed but characterised by uneven global growth. We look ahead to this year’s gradual repair of the global economy and greater political clarity in the USA which should allow investors to take advantage of opportunities in 2017.

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