The Marketstar Total Return Active and Intelligent Passive Portfolio Ranges are genuinely differentiated Defaqto risk rated ranges of multi-asset portfolios; constructed using our proprietary ‘five-layer’ investment process.

How are we different?

  • Downside Risk FocusOur first priority is to significantly grow our clients’ capital over time, within the parameters of their chosen risk rating. Whilst risk must be taken to produce investment returns, a focus on limiting capital losses during periods of turbulence is equally important, and is a significant factor in our portfolio construction framework. Our outperformance over peers in periods of falling markets is a testament to this.
  • Risk ManagementWe keep numerous asset classes and securities under review, allocating to and selecting those which we believe are likely to perform well in the medium term. Our rigorous investment process produces well diversified investment portfolios that sit within clearly defined risk parameters, leading to consistent risk adjusted returns for our clients.
  • Differentiated HoldingsWe endeavour to position our portfolios in a manner we believe will allow them to best meet their risk and return benchmarks over time. To achieve this, our investment team have the freedom to express their market views in potentially smaller, lesser-known or under-owned investment vehicles, but which they feel offer greater return potential than the market perceives.
  • Meaningful benchmarksTo link our portfolios’ performance to a relevant and understandable benchmark, we use the Consumer Price Index measure of inflation. Whilst we monitor our performance closely against our peers, we have found that inflation-linked benchmarks are intuitively understood by our clients.
  • Intelligent Cost ControlMany of our clients want the advantages of a lower-cost investment solution with the benefits of broader diversification from additional asset classes that are not normally available in a traditional 100% passive solution. Our Intelligent Passive Portfolios have the ability to deploy up to 30% of their capital into active components to access additional asset classes such as physical property and alternative strategies.

The portfolios have a 9 year plus track record of benchmark outperformance and are available across a wide range of 12 platforms.

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