One of the biggest challenges for many individuals, families and businesses, is making the best possible use of their available finances.

Your mortgage should play a central role in this process.

Remortgaging is the process of switching your existing mortgage to another mortgage lender, usually to lower the amount you're paying on your mortgage. You are not obliged to remain with your original lender and switching could save you a significant sum over the course of your mortgage term.

To qualify for a typical remortgage product you may need to:

  • have equity in your existing property
  • be able to evidence a reasonably good credit history in terms of servicing your current mortgage

It is also important to remember that a professional valuation will be sought which may differ from your view of what the property is worth. When considering remortgaging your property please bear in mind that not all mortgage providers offer these types of products. Some will have more demanding acceptance criteria than others and many will include redemption penalties which could affect the final outcome.

To be certain that you a getting the best deal for you and your circumstances we provide independent advice that it tailored to your needs. Our expert advisers will match you to the most appropriate remortgage deal and guide you through the whole process.


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