Wealth management

Tailored wealth management advice to help you achieve your life goals

Wealth management or financial planning is about much more than buying financial products such as a pension wrapper or an ISA. It is a holistic long-term plan that aims to ensure you are in the strongest financial position to achieve your life goals.

These goals could include owning your own home, saving for school or university fees for your children, Retirement planning or saving to cover the costs of long-term care as you get older. Whatever your goals, strong financial planning can help you to achieve them.

Professional financial planning can also help you to manage your investments in line with your individual goals and objectives, understand your tax obligations, protect you in case of unexpected illness or job loss and ensure that your wealth is passed on to the next generation in line with your wishes.

Creating your financial plan

To create your individual financial plan:

  1. Work with your financial adviser to establish your short, medium and long-term goals
  2. Build in your key milestones
  3. Evaluate your current financial position
  4. Establish what you need to do to meet your goals
  5. Monitor and review your plan

How Fairstone can help

Whether you’re looking for advice for the first time, a review of your portfolio or a second opinion on previously obtained financial advice, Fairstone can help.

  • We can show you how to use cash flow modelling to achieve your long-term goals
  • We’ll help you look at the bigger picture to make sure you have all eventualities covered
  • We’ll reduce your fees and charges where we can

Book your financial review

Fairstone offer all new clients a no cost, no obligation, initial consultation.

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