Long-term care planning

Although we are susceptible to accidents, physical or mental illness or a loss of capacity which could result in the need for long-term or permeant care at any age, we know that this becomes more likely as we get older.

Statistics show that dementia cases are on the rise and it is predicted that there will be 1 million people with dementia in the UK by 2025.

Making it increasingly important to plan for you future and to make sure that your if you do become incapacitated, you can be reassured that your care plans are secured and won’t add an unnecessary financial burden.

As we all know, the costs of providing extensive home or institution-based care can be very substantial and to help you prepare for this situation Fairstone offers a Long Term Care plan which combines a range of products to ensure you have available finance should the worst happen.

A Long Term Care Plan could include:

  • Insurance
  • equity release solutions
  • investments

To find out more about creating your long term care plan contact your local Fairstone adviser.