Wills & trusts

Managing your financial affairs perhaps becomes most important as you start to think about passing on your wealth to your beneficiaries.


Wills and lasting powers of attorney are the foundation of all estate planning solutions.

Nearly all of us at some point have probably thought about making a will, yet only 30% of the population have done so, presuming that this is something they can do as they get older.

To ensure that your wishes are carried about after your death it is imperative that you have a Will in place that outlines how you would like your estate to be distributed.

Our network of trusted financial advisers can help you to create your will and secure your wishes.

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Trusts can be an essential part of estate planning as setting up a trust can help ensure that your estate is passed to the right people, at the right time.

Perhaps most importantly trusts can also help to reduce inheritance tax liabilities.

There are many different types of trusts available although they are commonly used to secure funds for children until they come of age, to ensure funding is available for long term care and to protect your home and those that live in it after you’ve gone. 

Trusts are flexible and can be used to protect any of your assets, what makes them attractive is the control they offer you in managing what happens to your assets after your death.

The law and tax implications surrounding trusts is constantly changing and your Fairstone adviser can help you understand the best trust option for you and your family. We will also help your trustees, explaining their roles and responsibilities in passing on your assets.

Whether you’re looking to set up new trusts or you’d like help reviewing your current arrangements our experienced team of financial planners can help.

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