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Josh Gupta

Chartered Financial Planner

I have more than 10 years of combined experience of delivering tailored financial planning advice in Australia and now in UK.

I take a comprehensive approach to wealth management and advise on retirement planning, investment management, wealth building, tax efficiency and estate planning.

I like to solve problems. Throughout my career, I have been driven to explore the connection between efficient wealth management and quality of life. I like to uncover individual circumstances and provide tailored financial strategic solutions to achieve peace of mind and build long lasting trusted relationships with clients.

With my refined skill set, I bring customer-centric mindfulness that enables families to focus on what’s important to them. My curiosity motivates and drives me to be a lifelong leaner.

Fairstone’s Intelligent wealth management systems combined with advanced technical resources positions me to help families understand the complexities of the financial world and make economic, smart and robust financial decisions.

I enjoy travelling, cricket, fitness and learning about the future of autonomous vehicles. My love for food goes beyond being a ‘foodie’ and helped me achieve a nutrition adviser qualification.”

Expertise in

Estate Planning

Financial Protection

Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Wealth Management


Based in



Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk

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