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  • Establish your investment goals.
  • Identify the right level of risk for you, balancing potential returns with your risk tolerance and investment horizon.
  • Create your tailored investment plan.
  • Review your plans as your circumstances change, adapting your investment strategy in response to evolving financial goals, market conditions, and life events, ensuring that your investment portfolio remains aligned with your changing needs and objectives over time.
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Whether you’re starting out on your investment journey, adapting to changing circumstances or thinking about utilising the wealth you’ve accumulated, Fairstone can help.

When it comes to planning for you and your family’s financial future, how you choose to invest will depend entirely on your personal circumstances and what you want to achieve.

For example, if you’re investing for your retirement you will need to employ a different strategy than if you’re aiming for a shorter-term goal. With so many investment options available there are a multitude of products that could help you to achieve your medium and long-term objectives.

Your Fairstone adviser will work with you to create an investment plan that balances your key objectives with your attitude to risk, accounting for your current and potential tax position. We will also develop the best investment management plan for you, to help ensure that your money is working as hard as possible to help you achieve your goals.

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Investing – your questions answered:

Why should I invest?

Investing is an alternative way to save for your future that could potentially provide higher long-term growth than leaving your money in a savings account.

Unlike saving, when you invest there is always a risk that you could get back less than you put in.

How do I start investing?

Before you start to think about investing it is always a good idea to clear off any outstanding debt and to make sure you have an emergency fund prepared for the unexpected.

Investing is for the long-term, so we recommend a buffer savings pot of at least three to six months of your usual living costs to ensure you won’t need to access your investments in the event of any short-term surprises.

Once you’re ready to get started you can invest a lump sum, a small amount each month or you can take a hybrid approach to your portfolio.

How much should I invest each month?

This depends on you, your goals and your disposable income, investing as little as £25 a month.

What should I invest in?

You can invest in almost anything, the most popular options include:

Shares: A share is simply a part ownership of a company. When a company is listed on the stock exchange the shares have a market value and can be bought and sold.

Bonds: Bonds are loans made to a government or company and paid back with interest. They can offer regular income streams and a potential financial cushion during economic downturns.

Funds: A fund is an investment that pools together money from lots of individuals. The fund manager then invests the money in a wide range of assets e.g. UK shares, overseas shares, bonds etc. Each investor is issued units, which represent a portion of the holdings of a fund.

Whatever your budget your aim should be to maximise gains and minimise losses. Diversifying your portfolio is a great way to do this. Spreading your investments across different products and areas makes you less dependent on the performance of any one element and helps to smooth out returns over the longer term.

How much risk should I take?

There is a risk attached to all investments and how much you’re comfortable taking depends entirely on you and what you are hoping to achieve. Your Fairstone adviser will work with you to help you determine the right level of risk for you now and will help you in reassessing your attitude, if and when your circumstances change in the future.

How long should I invest for?

At Fairstone we believe that investments should form part of your long-term strategy and you should aim to invest for at least five years. You may have more immediate savings goals so you may also need a shorter-term solution such as a cash ISA. Your Fairstone adviser can support you in finding the right balance for you and your financial goals.

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