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Our Team

We incorporate one of the UK’s largest Chartered financial planning firms, with over 1200 highly qualified advisers and staff, across over 50 locations nationwide.

Everyone in our business is supported to reach new heights in terms of their skills and qualifications through the Fairstone Academy, enabling us to continually offer the highest quality service and advice.

Over 90,000 clients have entrusted us with their financial planning and lifestyle aspirations, their family objectives and their retirement goals. That is a responsibility that every member of the Fairstone team takes very seriously and we are immensely proud to have a client retention rate of 98%.

Headshot of Steve Easter

Steve Easter

Managing Director (Mortgage and Protection)

Headshot of Andy Fell

Andy Fell

Chartered Financial Planner

Headshot of Janice Fielding

Janice Fielding

Chartered Financial Planner

Marguerite Peyton Fairstone

Marguerite Peyton

Managing Director (Financial Planning)

Headshot of Ollie Stone

Oliver Stone

Head of Portfolio Management

Headshot of Lee Hartley

Lee Hartley

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Steve McNicol

Steve McNicol

Chief Development Officer

Headshot of Greg Horton

Greg Horton

Chief Technology Officer

Fairstone Chairman David Hickey

David Hickey


An image of Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

Imogen Hambly Fairstone

Imogen Hambly

Research Manager

Headshot of Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor

Chief Risk Officer

Nick Stebbing Fairstone

Nick Stebbing

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Peter Donaldson

Peter Donaldson

Managing Director (Growth)

Shona Lowe Fairstone

Shona Lowe

Managing Director (North and Mineral)

Headshot of Mike Slater

Mike Slater

Managing Director (Central)

Headshot of Tony Hanlon

Tony Hanlon

Managing Director (South)

Headshot for Gavin Green

Gavin Green

Business Growth Director

Headshot of Carl Wallis

Carl Wallis

Group Compliance Director

Headshot of Simon Pile

Simon Pile

Chief Accounting Officer

Headshot of Ursula Sweis

Ursula Sweis

Group Regulatory Director

Headshot of Alick Campbell

Alick Campbell

National Projects Director

Headshot for Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Programme Director

Headshot of Graham Cornforth

Graham Cornforth

Corporate Finance Director

Headshot of Dennis Reed

Dennis Reed

Group Development Director

Headshot of Peter Holden

Peter Holden

Independent Financial Adviser

Headshot of Mark Hewson

Mark Hewson

Group Divisional Director

Sean Mcparland Fairstone

Sean McParland

Chartered Financial Planner

Headshot of Peter Savage

Peter Savage

Chartered Financial Planner

Headshot of Angela Marson

Angela Marson

Chartered Financial Planner

Chartered Financial Planner Sean Larkin

Sean Larkin

Chartered Financial Planner