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Plan your dream retirement

By taking control of your financial planning now you can be confident of achieving the life you desire when you retire. Our advisers will help you plan and build the required portfolio.

Manage annuities and drawdown to give you flexibility

Annuities can be right in some circumstances, but committing to an annuity can mean less flexibility with your pension money. With drawdown, money left in your pension pot when you die can be passed to your family.

Review your pension options to increase confidence

There are a variety of pension options available to you, from SIPP’s to Workplace Pensions. Your Fairstone adviser will help find the right product and solution for your circumstances.

Access capital for little adventures that come along

You may wish to access capital in your estate to support your family or finance your future. Your Fairstone adviser can help you achieve this.

The introduction of pension freedoms in 2015 means that there are more options than ever when it comes to planning for your retirement

These goals could include owning your own home, saving for school or university fees for your children, Retirement planning or saving to cover the costs of long-term care as you get older. Whatever your goals, strong financial planning can help you to achieve them.

Professional financial planning can also help you to manage your investments in line with your individual goals and objectives, understand your tax obligations, protect you in case of unexpected illness or job loss and ensure that your wealth is passed on to the next generation in line with your wishes.

As we are continuing to live longer, you will need your retirement fund to last significantly longer than your parents did and as part of this planning you will also need to take your long-term care provisions into consideration.

You may also be looking to retire sooner than you anticipated, replacing your 9-5 with your hobbies and passions. Today, people in the UK aged between 50 and 75 have over £1trillion in old-fashioned financial products, by moving your money into the new world, you could make your retirement dreams a reality.

Regardless of when you intend to retire, if you do not start planning for it now, there is a real danger that you could outlive your savings.

Retirement planning - your key questions, answered

What are the steps involved in retirement planning?

An independent financial adviser can help you:

  • Work out what your retirement looks like
  • Provide a pension scheme comparison to find the best deal for you
  • Calculate how much you’ll need to fund your goals
  • Build a flexible plan around your specific needs that maximises your retirement income and minimises fees to allow you to transition into retirement
  • Consolidate disparate pension pots to increase control and improve the overall performance
  • Regularly review your retirement plan to make sure it still works for your personal circumstances and that it remains tax efficient
  • Manage your income even after you retire

What is a SIPP?

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

A self-invested personal pension (SIPP) gives you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of assets, including equities, unit trusts, gilts and commercial property.

Like all pensions, a SIPP offers up to 45% tax relief on contributions and is free from capital gains and income tax. At the point of retirement, you can usually take up to 25% of your pension fund tax-free.

SIPPs can be both flexible and tax efficient, however they do require active management so they won’t necessarily be for everyone.

An independent financial adviser can help you to decide if a SIPP is right for you and find the best solution to match your needs. You can also ask your adviser to manage your investment choices, so that you’re backed by expertise and experience.

What additional funds can I use for my pension?

Your pension plans are not the only investments that you can use to build funds and save for your retirement. You may have other assets such as ISAs, shares, a second property and cash, or you could be the beneficiary of a trust.

Seeking professional financial advice could help you to make the most of your assets, giving you an overview of your finances and in turn a better idea of how much you can expect to receive at retirement, in line with your goals and objectives. Please contact us to discuss your retirement planning options. 

What is a workplace pension?

Since 2012, employers in the UK have been legally required to provide a workplace pension for their qualifying workers.

Employee contributions are deducted directly from salary and are eligible for tax relief and your employer will also make contributions to your pension. There are minimum contribution guidelines for both you and your employer, which are currently set at 5% and 3%.

Your employer will notify you once you’ve been enrolled into their workplace pension scheme to explain how much they will contribute and how much you’ll need to pay in, as well as the type of pension scheme and who runs it.

Different types of workplace pension schemes have different benefits. It is important that you understand these so that you can ensure that your pension will help you to achieve your desired lifestyle in retirement.

Starting your retirement planning with Fairstone

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or at what stage of retirement preparation you are at, if you take control of your financial planning now you can be confident that you’ll be able to afford the retirement lifestyle that you have in mind.

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