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Deadline approaches for state pension NI top-ups

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13 January 2023



A Pensioner

An extended government scheme which allows consumers to fill historic gaps in their National Insurance record, comes to an end in less than three months.

Under normal rules, people can fill in gaps in their National Insurance record for a period of six years and after that point, the year becomes a permanent gap and could affect the ability for someone to build up a full state pension by retirement age.

But for a limited time, the Government is allowing people to go back an extra 10 years to fill in any historic gaps in National Insurance – meaning this extends the potential backfill period back to 2006/7.

Consumers have until 5 April 2023 to benefit from this extension before the usual six year window comes back into force.

Paying voluntary NI contributions can be an effective way from some people to fill in gaps they may have in their NI record to help boost their state pension.

For example, someone with a 10 year gap in National Insurance contributions could pay out just over £800 to backfill but see a boost of £5,500 in state pension over a typical 20-year retirement.

Anyone thinking of topping up their state pension for these earlier years should seek advice first as there are some situations in which paying historic contributions would not boost a state pension.

You can check with the Future Pension Centre at the DWP and if you want to discuss your situation, plans or for further information, please contact us.

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