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Intelligent Wealth – July / August

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26 August 2021


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If you’ve worked hard throughout your lifetime to grow your wealth, you will want to ensure that it will help to safeguard the financial security of your loved ones after you’ve gone.

There is a perception by some people that Inheritance Tax only affects the rich, which is untrue. Without careful planning in your lifetime, you could leave your loved ones with less than expected after the Inheritance Tax bill is paid. In this issue we look at how proper planning can help you pass on as much as possible to the people you choose by avoiding additional unnecessary tax charges.

Saving for a child today is a wonderful gift for their future as well as being a great way to teach them about money. The earlier you can start investing money for your children or grandchildren, the more chance it has to grow before they need it as an adult. Here, we take a look at some of the options you might want to consider to start you on this pathway.

The rules around Capital Gains Tax (CGT) are complex and they differ depending on your financial situation. It’s a complicated tax and, as a result, some people may get confused about how much they should expect to pay. Capital Gains Tax is a tax payable on the profits (or ‘capital gains’) you make from selling certain assets.

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