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Signs it’s time to make that next move

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27 March 2023


Mark Alexander

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As much as you love your home, there may come a time when you start thinking whether or not you should sell. It can be a tough decision to make whether to sell your home or stay put.

Typically, if you are considering a move it’s often the result of something prompting you, whether it’s due to a career change, family circumstances, money, retirement or simply for a change of scenery. By taking into account a few key factors, it could help make your decision easier.


Anticipate any major changes

What is your current financial situation? If you are comfortable with your current mortgage payments and don’t anticipate any major changes in the near future, then selling may not be the best option. On the other hand, if you are struggling to make ends meet each month or are expecting a significant change in income, then selling may be the best way to free up some extra cash.

Think about what your budget is and do your homework – you want to end up with a home to suit your needs and that sits within your price range. Think about the additional costs that are involved when you move and make sure you account for all of these factors.


Save money in the long run

Moving to another location could save you money in the long run. For instance, you could be moving closer to your job, so you will reduce transport costs, or moving closer to family, who may be able to help with childcare. It all depends on your current and predicted future financial situation.

Is your home in an area you like? Do you value things such as being near to a town, a good school, family and friends? When thinking about your next move, these are things you should be considering.


Motivated to move

Think of the things you currently have, or would like, and see whether they are a motivation to move, or are you content with the area you already live in? If there’s an area you’ve always dreamt of living in, hunt for properties in that area and see whether it’s possible for you.

Think about your lifestyle and how it would be affected by selling your home? If you love your neighbourhood and have developed strong ties to the community, then staying put may be the best option. However, if you’re feeling restless and are ready for a change of scenery, then selling your home and moving to a new neighbourhood may be the right choice.


Outgrown your current home

Does your current property give you the space you need? If it does, then appreciate it, use it wisely and think about what you could potentially risk if you do move. However, if you have outgrown your current home, then moving could be the answer.

If space is an issue but you really don’t want to move, you could consider other options. You could try getting rid of any unnecessary room accessories or, if appropriate, think about adding a loft conversion or extension.


Consider your future plans

Finally, consider your future plans and how they would be affected by selling your home. If you’re planning on starting a family or retiring soon, then staying in your current home may make the most sense. However, if you’re considering moving to a new city or downsizing once your children have grown up, then selling your home may be the best way to make that happen.

Whichever decision you make, be sure to weigh all of your options carefully before making a final decision. Selling your home is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. However, if you take the time to consider all of the factors involved, you can make the best decision for your situation.


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