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Tailoring financial advice for women

Savings & investment

8 March 2022



Over a third of females believe that financial services should be more tailored to women according to a new survey by Fairstone. A common theme for how this could be achieved was more growth in female financial advisers across the industry.


Different attitudes to investing

Of the women surveyed, 9.3% said that divorce had prompted their need for advice compared to just 1.4% of men. When it came to their investment needs; 79% of women said that sustainable investing is important to them, with the majority (59%) wanting returns to be both financial and for the benefit of society. In comparison, 70% of men said that sustainable investing is important to them, with the majority (54.37%) wanting returns to be financial only.

The emerging picture shows that women have different motivators for seeking advice as well as different attitudes to how they choose to invest to their male counterparts which all supports the need for tailored financial advice for women.

This is bolstered by Fairstone’s recent report Changing Landscapes: Retirement is not just for the old which highlighted that women are more risk averse than men when it comes to their investment approach. The report shows that females rated minimising volatility and potential for loss of value as a higher priority (31%) than male respondents (23%).

Coupled with this, a third more male than female respondents saw market fluctuations as an opportunity to make investment gains.


Scale of opportunity available

Fairstone’s latest survey results tie in with research by BY Mellon (The Path to Inclusive Investment) which shows that if women invested at the same rate as men, there would be at least an extra $3.22 trillion of assets under management from private individuals today. Highlighting the scale of the opportunity available by supporting female investors and tailoring services to their needs.

Additional research from NextWealth indicated that 33% of female survey respondents were under age 45 compared to 25% of the male respondents, making the case that the financial advice sector is becoming more attractive to the next generation of women, a positive move for the industry and clients alike.


Aligning our services

Chartered Financial Planner Elizabeth Webb adds: “Financial planning should be open and inclusive to all and understanding the needs of women is paramount to achieving parity. As a profession we recognise that there is more to do around considering what motivates women to invest and engage with financial services. At Fairstone we are committed to listening to the needs of our clients and aligning our service with their priorities.”

The results of Fairstone’s Annual Client Survey are published as part of a report, entitled Changing Landscapes – Retirement is not just for the old.


Financial advice for women

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