You will be well aware of the COVID19 outbreak and the subsequent spread of the virus.

At Fairstone, we are continuing to monitor the global situation and we are following guidelines from both the Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We recognise that all guidance is fluid and changes regularly but the advice from WHO is to be safe, smart and informed. To find out more about coronavirus and what you can do to personally prevent its spread, you can go to

Meanwhile when it comes to your financial planning it is important to stay focused on your longer-term objectives.

While we have seen large swings in financial markets and a significant drop in crude oil prices over the last few days, the current situation should be seen in the context of long-term investing, and a temptation to react in a knee-jerk fashion should be avoided.

We are seeing a concerted effort from central banks and governments to provide additional monetary and fiscal stimulus to aid recovery. Such coordinated easing will give support to financial markets as they look to navigate the expected volatility of economic activity in the coming months.

We will continue to focus on the prudent, long-term management of clients’ portfolios; searching for pockets of relative value amongst asset classes and ensuring that holdings provide genuine diversification. At this time, we do not foresee a drastic change to our asset allocation views.

If the value of any of your portfolios drops below 10%, you will also receive a separate notification, either from your adviser or your platform. If you do receive one of these emails, please remember that this is standard reporting practice and we are always available to discuss your options.

Though we remain acutely cognisant of any potential risk, we remain focused on the provision of robustly diversified portfolios focussed on long-term return generation.

Remaining focussed on your long-term objectives is the most effective way to navigate the present market volatility. If you need further reassurance and would like to review your personal position, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your adviser.

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