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Wealth management

Aug 29 2019
‘Top 5’ list of planning areas Making sure you use up any allowances you are entitled to is the first step to reducing the amount of tax you may be liable to pay. We’ve provided o...
Jun 12 2019
Over six million adults refuse to discuss their will with loved ones Making a Will is very important if you care what happens to your money and your belongings after you die, and...


Nov 27 2019
Avoid knee-jerk reactions by focusing on long-term investment objectives

Creating and maintaining the right investment strategy plays a vital role in securing your financi...

Oct 07 2019
Fairstone chief operating officer Adam Smith takes a look at the ethical investing space.

Over the last few years, investors have been increasingly looking at investing more et...

Home & Mortgages

Sep 07 2016
A quarter of us could only afford to pay household bills for a maximum of three months.


The latest protection research from Scottish Widow...

Aug 22 2016
Fairstone adviser Angela Murfitt answers your questions

Q. I am self-employed and own my home. I still have a mortgage but have enough money saved to pay it off. My question is...

Pensions & Retirement

Dec 11 2019
Government’s bid to ensure ‘pension age equalisation’

On 3 October, campaigners lost a significant legal battle against the Government’s handling of the rise in women’s State P...

Dec 04 2019
Pension and asset advice should be part of the divorce process

Divorce – it’s one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. The emotional upheaval of divorce can be di...


Aug 30 2019
Those dearest to us, and those financially dependent upon us If something should happen to you, the last thing you want is for you or your family to be worrying about money. One o...
Dec 21 2018
Financially squeezed between elderly parents and children

Faced with the task of caring for elderly parents alongside your children, being in the Sandwich Generation can be a t...