Business Standards Director

Ursula has worked in Financial Services for over 17 years specialising in compliance and risk. She was awarded the Fellowship position of The Personal Finance Society and has been a Chartered Financial Planner since 2016.  She has held the Diploma in Compliance since 2010 and also became a General Data Protection Practitioner in 2017.

Ursula began her career working for Towers Perrin in Bristol as a Pension Analyst and moved to Burns Anderson Network as a Risk Management Assessor. She was registered as the CF10 Compliance Oversight in 2007 for Equus Independent Financial Management in London were she managed the compliance team along with overseeing of the firm's appointed business representatives.

Following Fairstone’s acquisition of Equus Independent Financial Management she became Head of Group Compliance. In 2018 she was appointed Chairman of Fairstone’s Chartered Board and Business Standards Director.

In her role, Ursula prioritises training and development to ensure that education and testing are prioritised so that all employees have the opportunity to gain the highest and most up to date qualifications and standards.