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Intelligent Wealth – Sept / Oct 2021


22 September 2021



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Welcome to our latest edition of Intelligent Wealth from Fairstone.

When you think of financial planning, pensions and savings will spring to mind. But, whilst often overlooked, protection should be a core part of your financial plan.

If you are worried illness or injury could leave you without enough to pay bills, there are solutions to help protect your income. While some people could rely on state benefits as a safety net if they experienced a sudden loss of income, for many the drop in income would be too severe to maintain their standard of living. In this issue we look at the areas you may wish to consider.

Changed job? Moved house? It’s not always easy to keep track of a pension, especially if you’ve been in more than one scheme or have changed employers throughout your career. Over time, pension schemes close, merge or become renamed. In this magazine, we look at how you can go about tracing any pension schemes you have paid into at some point in the past.

Never before has there been such a big difference between the wealth of the UK’s older and younger generations. The coming years will see trillions’ worth of investable assets and housing wealth move primarily from the Baby Boomer generation to their children, the Millennial generation. According to a new report, two-thirds of people whose parents have an adviser also use them. Read the article on page 10.

Helping you make the most of your money and future.

At Fairstone we want to help you make the most of your money and future. Our expert financial advisers will work with you to build a personal financial plan that’s designed to help you achieve your individual, family and business ambitions. To discuss how Fairstone can help you, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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