Our aim is simple, to consistently increase the wealth of our clients.

We run ranges of differentiated, actively managed, multi asset model portfolios across the risk spectrum.

We look to both protect and increase our clients’ wealth through a clear investment process that is aimed at generating consistent risk adjusted returns.

We recognise that permanent capital loss is the ultimate risk for our clients, and seek to avoid it at all costs.

To do this, we conduct our own independent research to be able to actively manage investments and operate freely; only investing where we have the highest conviction.

Our investment team constructs multi-asset portfolios using a robust, proprietary ‘five-layer’ research framework. This incorporates both quantitative and qualitative relative valuation, macroeconomic, political and technical analysis, before moving to asset selection. Here, the team look to pick funds run by some of the most innovative fund managers across the world.

By our blending of various asset classes, we believe we can create diverse portfolios that produce high risk-adjusted returns for clients.

Our high conviction approach to investing means that we are not beholden to style, sector or thematic biases in our portfolios. This means we can exploit investment opportunities throughout a variety of market conditions, enabling us to avoid the sometimes-explosive dislocations of the market cycle.